The Popularity Of Tiny Dog Breeds Explained – Do You Really Need A Dog?

I have noticed that dogs no longer represent a symbol – a man’s best friend, but a very trendy accessory. Television shows, publicity and media play a very important role on this new trend. The worst part is that many trendy dogs do not necessarily enjoy a good life. They are simply put inside luxury bags by ladies and carried around in all kinds of ridiculous and uncomfortable clothes. They only touch the ground indoors though.

I have always thought that “101 Dalmatians” was the most important ad for that breed. Today, I believe that the same issue happens with small and fluffy dogs as well, especially when it comes to chihuahuas. The smaller they are, the better they are. They look very nice and fluffy when you watch them into those small round eyes. They are also funny when they barely move their fragile feet. However, the demand for such breeds has skyrocketed over the past few years, mostly because of Paris Hilton or “Beverly Hills Chihuahua”.

Sadly enough, what most owners fail to understand is the fact that such dogs are actual beings and must be treated accordingly. They have four feet, they need to use for running or moving. Otherwise, their muscles can be drastically affected, not to mention about their joints or skeletal system. Although they are fairly small, they have similar needs too. They want to play around, be active, run and jump. They are very active and this necessity must be understood and respected. Without these things, life goes by without offering them any happiness because they spend a lot of time in a luxury bag. They are taken for accessories and bag annexes. Their eyes are sad and tell a story, yet a lot of artificial celebrities and average people fail to listen to it.

Buying a tiny dog breed

In order to decide if you need a tiny dog breed, you are supposed to take a look at your lifestyle and understand your needs too. A dog is like a baby, so it requires plenty of attention and love. If you barely have time for yourself, getting a dog is the worst idea in the world. I have managed to understand that puppies need at least as much attention as large dogs. Besides, an appropriate behavior is the optimal and basic condition for the well being of your friend. Try to find out upfront what the race might be appropriate for you. Although there are several tiny dog breeds that are very popular, I have seen a wide variety of breeds and each of them has specific particularities. Moreover, find out what having a pet actually implies and what your responsibilities are.

As if all these were not enough, tiny dogs have different personalities, depending on the breed. This aspect is even more important than the actual appearance. Each breed has its own character. Some dogs are very stubborn, while others are quite active or just lazy. Plus, not all of them are recommended to families with babies or kids.

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Small Breeds Of Dogs & Their Characteristics And Necessities

Small breeds of dogs are not just easy to take care of, but also easy to walk, carry around and inexpensive when it comes to their maintenance costs. Chihuahua is by far the smallest breed in the world. Practically, an adult dog can barely reach to 6 inches in height and usually weighs around 5 pounds. The breed is highly devoted to the master and will always look forward to protect you. Despite its small size, a chihuahua can cause just as many problems as a German shepherd. However, this is not a good recommendation if you work all day long because it has to socialize and have fun. Finally, a chihuahua is not always too friendly with kids.

On a different note, it is said that strong fragrances come in small bottles. A Yorkshire terrier is a perfect sample. Although the dog is very small, it is still a terrier, so it is active and protective. Yorkies are small and friendly looking. But when it comes to their personality, they are independent, brave and intelligent. When they face strangers, their behavior might vary. Some of them are friendly, while others start barking right away. It depends on the training style though. All in all, they rarely back off in front of strangers, regardless of how small they are.

Finally, Affenpinscher dogs are agile, stubborn, cute and active. I have had an Affenpinscher years ago and although it looked calm and silent, it was surprisingly active. Besides, these dogs require a lot of attention and patience. They should not be left home alone for too long because they get stressed out very fast, so they may ruin your home. I am telling you from personal experience. They are friendly with other dogs, especially if they have grown together. They love being spoiled and causing trouble, just like kids. However, an Affenpinscher dog will never hesitate to protect its territory in front of larger dogs. Besides, it is highly recommended to show the dog that you are the master or it might become your boss overtime. In the end, walk them as much as you can because their energy is not limited at all.

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Enough Said

No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversations as the dog does. – Christopher Morley

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Top 3 Small Furry Dogs

Small furry dogs almost ask for petting and games with their appearance only. Everyone loves them, while their appearance is the funniest thing in the world. If there is one thing I truly love about them, that is watching them from behind while they walk or run. I am quite experienced with dogs, so here are my top three recommendations if you want a furry friend.

Havanese Bichon

Often referred to as the Havana bichon, this variety is the best in obedience training. It loves pleasing the master, so it will respect your demands if you make yourself clear. It can easily get along with all kinds of pets, including other dogs or even cats. Assuming that your kid is well behaved and does not play roughly with it, this dog will become the best friend. However, keep in mind that it requires daily grooming, so get a brush. I personally use a rubber soft glove, so I pet and groom my dog at the same time.

Brussels Griffon

Although a Brussels Griffon might be harder to find than other furry dogs, it does pay off to search for it. The dog is like a new human friend. Although it cannot talk, its human expressions can easily ensure a very good communication. It is also a good watchdog that will never hesitate to bark if any intruders are detected. The maintenance is low, while shedding will never be a problem. A few walks a day are more than enough for exercising. Finally, it is very friendly with dogs, cats and other pets.


Living with an Affenpinscher can be a little overwhelming at a first glance because it is a lot more active than other small dogs. I have a friend who has one and she spent a couple of weeks until she got used to its lifestyle. But now, they are best friends. The dog would play round the clock, but owners do not have so much energy. This is why it is referred to as the monkey dog. The shedding is minimal, while the energy levels make it excellent for active individuals.

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Worms in dogs

Dogs, like humans are prone to getting worms in them, too. These parasitic worms are often a discomfort to them and may even lead them to their death. This is why there is cause to clear those worms in dogs. This can help us lengthen the life of the dog that has been with us for so long now.

Now, there are different kinds of worms that can cause illnesses in our dogs. There are the more common ones and then those that come into dogs in rare cases. We’ll see here just what they are and how you can drive away or kill those worms in dogs you especially care for.

One type of worm that can do harm to the body of dogs is the heartworm. The heartworm in dogs can affect their health in a negative way. When this is untreated, they might end up being lethargic, they may cough up or vomit blood and many more. Such signs that show the infection of heartworm means we have to expel these to keep our dogs safe from dying through such worms.

How do we know if the dog we so love has heartworm? Blood tests are important. As heartworm infection is the one causing that which we call ‘microfilaria’ to get into the bloodstream of dogs, at first infection of which won’t show any signs that the dog is sick. The signs will show in later stages thus making it more important for the dog we love to have his routine blood exam with the vet. In extreme cases, there is some plausible treatment of course. You just have to let the veterinarian do what’s needed in these cases.

Next, we have the tapeworms. These worms plant themselves by hooking themselves with the intestines of dogs. You must have heard of this already because human infection of tapeworm is also plausible or this infection of the worm also affects us, humans. Now, when this is left untreated, the tapeworms can cause the death of the dog that has been a best friend since. It would be good to have stool exams on a yearly basis to find out if your dog has been infected by this worm. It is by the close examination of a dog’s feces that one can find the shells shed by this kind of worm.

There plenty other worms in dogs and they can affect their health greatly. Your dog may need some periodic deworming so you have to listen carefully to what the veterinarian says about it and as such, follow the instructions closely and you can then lengthen the life of the dog who has been with you for perhaps years now.

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