Even Small Dogs Need Bark Collars

Often people have a misconception that small dogs have low barking frequencies and usually their barking voice is limited. Well, you will be surprised to experience the loud exhibit and incessant noise levels achieved by barking small dogs is of much higher level than their larger breed cousins. Usually this excessive noise created by your barking small dog might create problems if you are living in apartment or society wherein your neighbor hates barking sounds. The most advantageous and precise thing to use and offer your small dog their training companions is bark collar.

Reasons You Need Bark Collar for Small Dogs
One of the most obvious reason is you just want to replace the existing bark collars it has served you and your dog for many years. In such circumstances, using or buying the same collar or collar from the same brand manufacturers is the wisest decision as both you and your small dog is accustomed to that bark collar. The other reason is you are going to buy bark collar for the first time, as it is time to train your dog. In such situation, you will have infinite options in bark collars because there are variety of bark collars and numerous manufacturers offering bark collars specifically designed for small dogs. For starters, here are some of the great bark collars available for small dogs in the market PetSafe Customizable Deluxe Little Dog Bark Control, Dogtra YS-300 Yapper Stopper, Shockless Citronella Spray Collar for bark control etc.

Things to Consider Before Buying Bark Collars for Small Dogs
Make sure that the bark collar you consider buying has mechanism nodes that will directly connect with your dog’s throat whether they are triggering against throat vibrations or against barking. Another thing you have to be peculiar about when you are selecting barking collar is they should not be too tight or loose, if they are too tight they will increase discomfort in dogs and when they are loose, they will slide away failing in serving the intention of use.

There are two obvious choices in barking collar for small dogs, one is shock collar method and other is ultrasonic method. Usually shock collars have different shock strength adjustments allowing you to adjust the shock strength to which your dog responds in well manner. In ultrasonic collars no chock is delivered but these collars release annoying sound when dogs start barking which only dogs can hear compelling them to stop barking. It is up to you to choose the best barking collar according to our preferences and using any of the two choices is excellent decision.

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Rare Small Dog Breeds That Can Draw A Lot Of Attention

Whenever you ask someone about small dog breeds, most people will recommend getting a bichon, a small terrier or a Pomeranian. Chihuahuas are not to be ignored either. But then, you might be surprised to find out that there are many other options out there. I have researched some of the rare small dog breeds and I have found dogs that I have never even heard about. So what should you get if you want a rare dog? The list below are compiled from the database from Shelly.

Chinese Crested
You do not see a Chinese crested dog everyday, so if you want attention, this is the right dog for you. People will stare at it without knowing what it is. On the other hand, this dog is so affectionate that it will love to please you. The hairless variety is very attractive and joyful, while the powderpuff variety is so ugly that it actually looks pretty. I have only seen one Chinese crested dog in my life and I just could not keep my eyes off it. This is the most emotionally needy breed out there, so get it if someone is going to be with it round the clock. The hairless variety is odorless.

The Affenpinscher might be popular when you search for dog breeds over the Internet, but it is not so popular on the streets though. It is fearless and loves protecting a home, despite its small size. It is often known to be the monkey dog because it can play on a 24/7 basis. However, most owners simply cannot resist its activity. The breed is quite rare and sometimes very hard to find.

Italian Greyhound
The Italian Greyhound is rare because it is not appropriate for every climate or environment. I think I have seen one or two in my whole life. They are odorless because their hair is short. They are muscular, yet quite thin. Their skin is also very thin, so it is not your best option if you live in a cold climate. It is graceful and moves in a beautiful manner, so you will love playing around with it. Be gentle because its thin feet are prone to slipped kneecaps.

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Small Fluffy Dog Breeds That Can Always Raise Your Morale

Who does not love small fluffy dogs? The truth is that most of them are small and fluffy while puppies, but they tend to grow in a different manner. Therefore, if you want a dog that stays fluffy overtime, make sure that you do your homework and choose the right dog while it is still a puppy.

Australian Terrier

Australian terriers are small, robust and used for a lot of different purposes. Some of them are used for their agility, but also around airports. They are not as popular as other breeds though. On the other hand, they make great guardians too. They are not too large and imposable, but they can sense anything and will quickly wake you up if they detect a danger. Finally, Australian terriers are just as popular for company. They are always willing to please you. Unlike other small breeds, they are not too loud and annoying, but they will never stop barking if they sense something fishy. They might be stubborn sometimes, but they love the human company.

Bolognese Bichon

The Bolognese bichon is a smart and gracious dog. It is mild and calm, but also happy and willing to play. It is devoted and always trustworthy, but it is very easy to train too. You do not even have to reach to a trainer because such dogs will always listen to your commands. They love kids because they have similar levels of energy. As long as they can play together, you do not have to worry about anything at all. The same goes for other dogs or animals. However, bichons require proper brushing. The Bolognese breed asks for daily brushing. I had one before and it did not shed at all, while the dead hair is eliminated with the brush.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed comes from the United Kingdom and represents one of my favorite breeds. It makes no difference if you are sad, happy or busy. This dog has always made my day and gave me a good mood. The breed is active and sociable, but also very intelligent. It will never betray its master. Plus, it loves hanging around with kids and other animals. As for the care, the fur must be brushed on a regular basis. Besides, make sure that you give them strict portions for every meal. Otherwise, they eat until they can barely move, so they risk becoming obese.

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Small Sized Dog Breeds That Can Be Easily Cared For

Small sized dog breeds are not just easy to walk and take care of, but also very appropriate for apartments and small condos. After all, you do not want to live in a small apartment with a German shepherd because you will barely have enough room to move. Plus, the dog also requires some activity. Since I have always lived in an apartment, I have only had small sized dog breeds. They hang and play around in the apartment, while walking them is a piece of cake. Even if they get stubborn, I just pick them up and go.


The Pom is a very good watchdog, although you may not necessarily need it for such activities. It is very obedient and pays attention to your commands. It is up to you to be patient and express your needs in a clear way though. Otherwise, it may not necessarily understand what you want. Its exercise necessities are minimal, so a few fifteen minute walks a day will do the trick. After all, they are so small that they can also run indoors. They love being pampered and they will never have enough of you.


A pug may seem lazy at a first glance, so it makes a good companion for lazy people. The good news is that it does not require too much activity anyway. It is small, so it can exercise indoors too. A couple of walks around the block are more than enough to eliminate and relax. The grooming necessities are insignificant because these dogs have short hair. Finally, it is worth knowing that they are very good with other pets and children. Remember that you should never use a leash and a collar because you can harm their eyes and neck, which are very sensitive. Instead, use a body harness.

Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu breed is one of my favorites because it is perfect for grooming. You can just brush it everyday and it will look awesome. You can also add a few accessories and it will look just as good. The dog is friendly and affectionate, but it is also open to learning new things. It barely sheds, but its hair can be easily tangled if you do not brush it regularly.

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The Popularity Of Tiny Dog Breeds Explained – Do You Really Need A Dog?

I have noticed that dogs no longer represent a symbol – a man’s best friend, but a very trendy accessory. Television shows, publicity and media play a very important role on this new trend. The worst part is that many trendy dogs do not necessarily enjoy a good life. They are simply put inside luxury bags by ladies and carried around in all kinds of ridiculous and uncomfortable clothes. They only touch the ground indoors though.

I have always thought that “101 Dalmatians” was the most important ad for that breed. Today, I believe that the same issue happens with small and fluffy dogs as well, especially when it comes to chihuahuas. The smaller they are, the better they are. They look very nice and fluffy when you watch them into those small round eyes. They are also funny when they barely move their fragile feet. However, the demand for such breeds has skyrocketed over the past few years, mostly because of Paris Hilton or “Beverly Hills Chihuahua”.

Sadly enough, what most owners fail to understand is the fact that such dogs are actual beings and must be treated accordingly. They have four feet, they need to use for running or moving. Otherwise, their muscles can be drastically affected, not to mention about their joints or skeletal system. Although they are fairly small, they have similar needs too. They want to play around, be active, run and jump. They are very active and this necessity must be understood and respected. Without these things, life goes by without offering them any happiness because they spend a lot of time in a luxury bag. They are taken for accessories and bag annexes. Their eyes are sad and tell a story, yet a lot of artificial celebrities and average people fail to listen to it.

Buying a tiny dog breed

In order to decide if you need a tiny dog breed, you are supposed to take a look at your lifestyle and understand your needs too. A dog is like a baby, so it requires plenty of attention and love. If you barely have time for yourself, getting a dog is the worst idea in the world. I have managed to understand that puppies need at least as much attention as large dogs. Besides, an appropriate behavior is the optimal and basic condition for the well being of your friend. Try to find out upfront what the race might be appropriate for you. Although there are several tiny dog breeds that are very popular, I have seen a wide variety of breeds and each of them has specific particularities. Moreover, find out what having a pet actually implies and what your responsibilities are.

As if all these were not enough, tiny dogs have different personalities, depending on the breed. This aspect is even more important than the actual appearance. Each breed has its own character. Some dogs are very stubborn, while others are quite active or just lazy. Plus, not all of them are recommended to families with babies or kids.

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